Friday, 24 February 2012

When the weather outside is frightful....

.....let's sew, let's sew, let's sew!!!!!

This was the view across our backyard this afternoon. Normally at this time of year I'd be sulking, but we've had such pitiful snowfall (and too much freezing rain) that I'm almost giddy with excitement. More snow means more cross country skiing!

But you can't ski while most of the snow is still in the air instead of on the ground. So I did the next best thing and worked on my pajama top. Surprised myself by getting a good chunk done. Realizing I don't have to switch feet every time I switch between straight and zig-zag stitch has sped me up a fair bit (not that changing feet takes a noticeable amount of time, more that I think it does and end up futzing about when I should just be getting on with the sewings).

I made a pocket!

I attached a pocket (after several bad starts...I suck at edgestitching)

Attached the facings!

Made the collar!

"I like mah collah popped yo!"

"Less pictures, more pets plx"
Also got the big bits sewn together at the shoulders. That's a lot of progress for a glacial sewist like myself!

Hopefully I can finish this weekend, but that depends how distracted I get with skiing and nerdery.


  1. Nice progress! Soon you will be enjoying a toasty warm pair of PJ's for the last of the winter months! As much as I'd like it if the snow just up and left I think there's much more to come if the recent snow storm is any indication.

  2. Ooo, very good progress. You'll be done in no time! I like how you used the border print on the facings and pocket. Nice touch.

    Ooo, did you see this post about the renfrew pattern you ordered?

    I wish we were getting snow like yours. We've barely had any. Happy sewing and skiing this weekend!

    1. Thanks for the link! I can't wait to give the top a try.

      I'll enjoy the snow for you :)