Saturday, 11 February 2012

A small step forward

Whew, finally got around to working on the pajama top. It's been a sad, stressful few weeks - just wasn't in the mood to tackle a sewing project. Particularly one whose next steps are my least favorite steps. Pinning and cutting out the pieces. Ugh. I'm anal retentive so all futzing and shifting and finger crossing you do to get everything lined up properly, pinned without messing it up, and then cut out, is just nerve-wracking.

So aimed low and accomplished a small goal today: cutting out and ironing the pattern pieces.

Tiny mission is accomplished.

Tomorrow I'm going to aim to get the pieces pinned to the fabric and cut out.

Or maybe some of them.

Just one?

Along the way I encountered a few wtf moments. Maybe they aren't anything worth commenting on to an experienced sewer (sewist?) but they gave me pause for a bit.

Like, why are the pockets different sizes? I get why patterns come in a range of sizes (duh) but why pockets? Does Kwik Sew think larger people need to carry more?

Ok, there is only one wtf moment. The other one I figured out as I was uploading the picture. Derp.

Have you had any wtf moments with patterns? Were they beginner mistakes or was the pattern designed by a flock of toucans hopped up on hallucinogens?

1 comment:

  1. I think that there's different pocket sizes so that the proportion between shirt front and pocket remains the same. It can look strange and sometimes unflattering to have a too small pocket on a wider top. Or so is my opinion.

    I've heard that this can be a problem with jeans patterns, where they only include one pocket size, despite the wide range of jeans sizes included. Nothing makes your butt look bigger than a tiny pocket. :D

    Congrats on getting this step done! Once you get through the next step, you'll have a lot more fun. :)

    I don't think I've ever had a wtf moment with cutting out patterns. Usually it makes sense after a while. I have had wtf moments with instructions, though. :D