Wednesday, 15 February 2012

So Project: Pajamas has been moving forward at a glacial pace - although I suppose the eulogy I had to write and give last week is a legit reason to not be sewing.

After cutting out the pattern pieces on Saturday night, I left everything carefully laid out on my sewing* table for Sunday. When I went back to it Monday night I couldn't find the pattern instructions! Extremely frustrating since my sewing area** is abnormally clean right now - there are only so many places I even have to look, and I've checked those places multiple times.

I bitched.

I moaned.

I sulked.

I did all three over gmail chat with the ever patient Heather and she didn't disown me as a friend.

In the end I went out and picked up the regular-sized version of the pattern. I was going to buy it any way since the 1X in the Plus version was big on me - and I've lost weight since I bought it. I love this style of pajamas and fully intend on making many more.

I do feel like a bit of a sewing wuss for not just trying to put it all together myself as Heather suggested. This is my first time making a garmet of any type - I've never done sleeves or collars before. At all. So I kinda want the safety net of instructions to keep my perfectionist self from freaking out.

Well, I think that's enough justification, don't you?

Less justifiable, but I will share just the same: these two patterns just happened to come home with me too:

The one on the left looks exactly like a beach cover up I drooled over in Bikini Village last year - and didn't buy because it was $75. The dress/top on the right might not be perfectly in fashion right now, but it's a bit more interesting than other patterns that are suited to my skills, and gives me practice sewing with knits and coming up with creative fabric choices. I like the look of the red variation, the other two with the white banding - not so much.

* also thesis table, board game table, art table, plant care center and to the bunnies: Pedestale On Which The Most Honoured And Glorious Receptacle Of Noms Rests.

** also office, bunny room, games room, storage room, art room, wannabe greenhouse and lounge.


  1. It's totally understandable, wanting the instructions, especially for your first garment. I was thinking it'd probably be hard if you didn't have any, hense starting to write some myself. :) I'm glad you have a copy. I sometimes forget that you haven't been sewing clothes this whole time with me!

    I like the dresses. I think the second one there could be nice in solids if you don't use such contrasting fabrics. Like shades of blue, or navy and teal, or navy and plum (I love navy and plum together). Actually, anything in a shade that'll go with your pretty teal shoes! :D

  2. Found your blog through Guess Who? Heather! I know, Surprise! Good choice on using Kwik Sew as your first patterns. Clear instructions, small pattern sheets, better quality paper. If you can`t find the instructions you could always try emailing Kwik Sew and asking them to email you new instructions. BTW, love the pictures of your animals modeling your scarves, may have to do the same with my dogs.

    1. Yay! My first non-Heather comment. Thank you for visiting!
      I've been very happy with Kwik Sew so far, but it does make me nervous for the jump to "regular" patterns.

      I'd love to see your dogs model!

  3. I've been watching both of those dress patterns. I can't wait to see how yours turn out. Hooray another Heather to copy!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!!

      I'll definitely post about those dresses when I get around to making them. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but I'm turning out to be a super slow sewer :(

      Heather has told me of all the times you've inspired her, so I'm sure I'll be copying you too!

    2. Oh heck, Heather and I could just blog about copying each other when it comes down to it. I think it means we both have divine taste. And I should totally visit Canada. It is 80 degrees again this week!