Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Where Fuss is neither creative nor makes anything

Heather is to blame for this post :)

I wasn't going to post about these new shoes since I didn't have anything to do with their creation. But she reminded me that it's my blog and I can post whatever I please. Or whatever my friend pleases since she wanted to see a pic.

Teal suede heels from Naturalizer - cost me a whopping $30. Regular price: $100. I love sales. I love sales even more when they have my tricky-to-find shoe size. The colour is a bit more green-ish than the picture shows.

I guess this means I should think about sewing some dresses to go with them. I really love them with dress pants, but I really don't think I'm ready to sew any of those. Yet.

Ah, thats my excuse for posting about these - they aren't just a good deal, they are a sewing muse.



    OMG I love them. LOVE THEM!!! They are gorgeous, what with the colour and the toe detail and ACK EVERYTHING.

    If you need advice about easy dress patterns, I may have a few. *ahem* :D

  2. Okay, so I went out shopping today for trousers and shoes (black ankle boots to be exact), and found your shoes! They were also on sale, and while I was tempted, it's not really my colour. Although the burgundy heels with a strap across the foot weeped for me to take them home, so I did. :D

    Don't worry, they'll be part of a blog post soon! :D

    1. I think I remember the burgundy ones! I loved them too and was so tempted to try them on, but the teal ones are more my colour...and I could really only afford one pair. But look out Naturalizer sales! When I have a job imma coming for you!