Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My oldest UFO

I supposed its only fitting if I start this blog off with my oldest unfinished object (UFO). I started this cross stitch project in the summer of 2003. It was after my first year of university, instead of moving back home for the summer I lucked into a job in the geology department on campus. My partner, the Tall Hot Viking (henceforth known as THV) and I sublet a little apartment near campus (our first!) and were soon joined by a mutual friend.

I have many good memories of that summer, stitching this project, watching obscene amounts of Buffy on DVD and finally having my own kitchen to cook in.

So why is this tiny project still unfinished after 9 years?

Lets see....

1. I hate the fabric (aida cloth /shudder)
2. I hate the pattern (the style, the lack of detail)
3. While dolphins are awesome, cross stitched dolphins just aren't my thing

But it's small, and was a gift from my mom so I pick it up for a few hours every year and poke away at it. Last winter I finished all the cross stitching and happily moved onto backstitching.



I'd been doing all of the backstitching in the wrong colour. Totally explained why the dolphins weren't "popping" as much as I expected.

Cover photo, and my project with the wrong back stitching
It has finally been frogged, and now sits on a shelf, waiting for me to finish it properly.

Oh, and I'm not letting myself work on another stitching project until this one is done. Probably why I'm currently diving headfirst into sewing and knitting :)

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