Thursday, 19 January 2012

I tried to remain strong, I really did. But then I introduced a friend to sewing, which of course involved a trip to a fabric store. And of course they had a buy 1m, get 2 free special on, and then I came across this acid trip of a fabric.

An aside:

Now there is something my hypothetical future readers should know about me. The clothes I wear in public tend to be somber and drab - dark blue, grey, black, some brown, and if there is colour it's usually blue, green or purple. I grew up loathing bright, girly colours. But slowly that's changed - in private at least. In the safety of my own home, few things are more cheering than putting on a pair of crazy socks or pajamas in bright fabrics. I have a whole host of obnoxious, almost ugly fabrics in my stash. I think I feel bad for them in the store, they are bold, brave and an assault on the eyes; consequently they sit on the bolt for months. So I bring them home with the intent of making a dress or skirt or something to lounge about the house in; where I can pretend I'm bold and brave too, and there are no eyes to assault.

Until now, none of them have been used.


Because I have a little crafty secret - I've never sewn a garment.

Too intimidated.

But then I saw this crazy pink flowered flannette at a crazy price. Found an easy pattern for pajamas and the perfect buttons. So hopefully I'm on my way to a something I can wear cuddled up on the couch with a book, while a storm rages outside.

If not, well I guess the rabbits could always use more blankets.

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