Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday Night Digital Sewing Date

Heather and I were chatting this aft about the cleaning (and sewing) we want to get done. As it turns out we both have the evening free (after some thesis-ing on my part) spawned a Wednesday Night Digital Sewing Date.

We are both beginning our evenings by tidying up our sewing spaced, and then moving on to finishing up projects that have been hanging around our necks for ages. And trying not to distract each other *too* much :P

My task list for the night is small but important:

1. clear off my sewing table, thus unburying the pieces of the pajama top.
2. nuts up and get the collar sewn on the top. Me = giant chicken.

Anything else I accomplish tonight is gravy.

If I can get this freaking collar on, maybe I'll even let myself splurge a bit at the big Fabricland sale tomorrow <evil grin>

No one around but me? Check!
Gmail chat open? Check!
Mug of hot tea? Check!
Bunnies sleeping right where I need to walk? Check!

All the ingredients for a productive sewing night are present!


  1. Thanks for the date! Was actually a bit motivating, even if I probably chatted at you a bit more than I actually sewed. :) After you left, I got the fabric cut out and the front and back panels pieced. Just need to attach the front and back together, do the zipper, attach the facing, and hem, and I'm done! Easy skirt is easy.

    Well, other than all the fiddly alterations I suspect I'll have to do...

    1. Thank you too!!! Was so helpful. Yay for you being so productive late at night!

      When are you going to work on your skirt next? Tonight?